Notes #15 + 16: July 1 - August 13 2017

Context and Thoughts

In July I had an epic expedition heading out from San Francisco through South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya, meeting with entrepreneurs, VCs, and more, so this issue was delayed by a few weeks.I’ve kept my eye closely on the startup landscape in the meantime, so this issue should represent a full aggregation of the last 6 weeks of African startup and VC activity. (I’ve also heard your feedback about having an easier-to-remember URL for this blog – you can now find it easily at, thanks to the new .africa TLD)

I’ve been enthused to see more public documentation covering the breadth of the African tech ecosystem: First, a new open project launched by TLcom to track early stage tech capital in Africa, available directly via an editable Google Sheet. In addition, the growth (and future) of mobile money in Africa was covered in detail by the GSMA, I recommend checking out their recent two-part series on this topic.

Finally, the interest continues to grow in regional-specific VOD offerings for Africa: Malaysia-based iflix [MY] raised $133mm (on top of the $90mm they raised earlier this year), part of which will go towards launching iflix Africa [ZA] in South Africa and 5 more African countries.

Industry and Ecosystem News

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